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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi, Our E-organizer Giveaway from Organizer Your life is already closed .  Thank you very much to all our participants and my deepest gratitude to Ms. Claire McPhee of Organize your life for hosting this give away. 

If you haven't know the value of an E-organizer in your daily life.  Why not read this post and I guarantee you that after you have read and understand it, you will surely feel the need to have this organizer.  I have been using the mini-organizer that was sent to me by Ms. Claire and it really helps my life and my blogging too. 

I know you are all very excited to know the lucky winner of this E-Organizer.  Just as I promised that I will be making the drawing using Random.org but something arise from my lovely mind.  LOL.  I have listed all the names of the participants using random.org and generated the corresponding numbers for each participants and I decided that it would really be nice to have our winner picked by my Peachy.  So by tomorrow, i will be making a print out of your lucky numbers and I will let my baby Peachy do the honor of picking the winner and yes, i would definitely make a video of it, so everybody will have it's fair share of winning. 

Till then.  Watch out for the winner tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is the list of the participants and their corresponding number. 

True Random Number Service

List Randomizer

There were 102 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. liz
  2. chris
  3. Red
  4. foxy
  5. bambie
  6. bambie
  7. ghen
  8. vernz
  9. Red
  10. bambie
  11. sherry
  12. vernz
  13. maren
  14. me-an
  15. czaroma
  16. ghen
  17. me-an
  18. chris
  19. liz
  20. czaroma
  21. chris
  22. ghen
  23. Red
  24. czaroma
  25. she
  26. ghen
  27. Red
  28. liz
  29. esvi
  30. marielle
  31. chris
  32. gene
  33. gene
  34. esvi
  35. jeck
  36. briana
  37. gene
  38. Red
  39. Red
  40. Red
  41. esvi
  42. chris
  43. sherry
  44. bambie
  45. Red
  46. bambie
  47. chris
  48. ghen
  49. stephanie
  50. she
  51. chris
  52. bambie
  53. esvi
  54. vernz
  55. vernz
  56. vernz
  57. ghen
  58. bambie
  59. liz
  60. jeck
  61. liz
  62. sherry
  63. me-an
  64. maren
  65. ghen
  66. vernz
  67. esvi
  68. bambie
  69. foxy
  70. marielle
  71. jeck
  72. czaroma
  73. maren
  74. me-an
  75. liz
  76. marielle
  77. sherry
  78. maren
  79. maren
  80. she
  81. gene
  82. czaroma
  83. gene
  84. gene
  85. marielle
  86. czaroma
  87. vernz
  88. ghen
  89. jeck
  90. maren
  91. gene
  92. sherry
  93. stephanie
  94. Red
  95. gene
  96. liz
  97. ghen
  98. jeck
  99. bambie
  100. gene
  101. liz
  102. liz
Timestamp: 2010-03-30 15:31:06 UTC

I am so excited.  Are you?  Ooh, I know my little Peachy will have a fun time tomorrow. Be sure to come back here to know the winner!


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