Flood in our House

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Could you believe that, a flood in the middle of summer and El Niño? Yes, that is what happened in our house yesterday.  I have no house maid for three days and take a three days leave to look at my little kulit. After a sumptuous lunch of my favorite shrimp, we decided to take a nap but my nap extended for almost four hours and when I wake up, the first thing I saw is the water in our room. I thought that it was only the water coming from the aircon but then, I asked myself, why woult it be coming from our door while the aircon was placed near the window.  
So, when I opened the door, the first thing that greeted me is the flooded hallway. The water from our lavatory faucet was left opened, well none other than, ME!  So, there is no reason for me to feel mad (LOL) because it was my "unknowingly" fault. (LOL) Oh, I must say that i should also partly blame our water district because they were not giving us enough water supply.

The water that we cleaned must have been more than two pails and our entire sala, kitchen and hallway were flooded by water and i believe that  it took us (almost forever) half hour to clean the place. Luckily, hubby was around to help me, what if , I am all alone with my Peachy  that could be my real problem.   

 Atleast, she's doing her share even without her slippers.


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  1. Hope it didn't cause too much damage. And what a adorable girl Peachy is :)

  2. Oh, your baby's really cute.

  3. Hay.... Hope no important document has been damaged..

  4. oi bait naman ni peachy to help mommy.. next time mommy huh.. baka mamaya super taas na ng water e.. take care po ..^^

  5. nice term moomy Ria, "unknowingly fault"...just think its a unexpected and unplanned bonding time for your family..hehehe

  6. wow! is your service provider turning your water off everyday? that is so hard! well, i hope there is not much damage on your furniture.


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