Flowers to brighten up your day

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flowers are everybody's favorite.  Each flowers had their own meaning.  When I got married, i made sure that all the beautiful flowers associated to bring good things were included in my bouquet and If you would ask me, I would prefer to receive a flower rather than chocolates but of course, I also love chocolates but flowers are the best gift for me.   
There is a popular saying that if you would like someone to know your thoughts, why don't you gave this person a bunch of flowers. I learned this from my high school teacher, a red roses means love, and respect white roses means purity, yellow roses means friendship and pink means  sweetness but i would like to receive a different colors of roses, it's like all the good qualities combine into one.  Flowers can really brighten your day and it can also be a comfort in time of sorrow.

But my all time favorite are sunflowers, I really love them, it's like the goodness of the sun  coming down from the sky to shower me the best things in life but unfortunately, sun flowers were seasonal and it's really very rare here in our place. That's the time i decided on buying flowers online  because I can choose on a very wide varieties of flowers and it is a guaranty that all those beautiful flowers are fresh and will be delivered in time. 
Actually, I am planning to buy Lilies this coming Easter day to be delivered to my family in Manila. It's a way of telling that I do remember them even though were apart. 


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