Life in Taborea: The World of Runes of Magic

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am just an ordinary lady, living the life i wanted with my family and my daughter. I had never heard of Taborea or never imagined living on it. But ever since I was a child, I always have this dream of a life outside my present world.  A place I never imagined to exist. 

But one day, after my father died, a beautiful lady holding a scepter appeared in my dream and told me that  many heralds were scattered all over the continents of Taborea and beyond to call the remaining Rune clans to joined force and fight the evil Demon Lord and his wrath of darkness and every evil creatures who are trying to invade our land. 

Fiona: "Come my child, the time is come for you to come to Taborea, your real home" It is all written in your blood.

Ria:  Who are you?  I don't know you?

Fiona: "I am Fiona Eldritch, an archmage, you are my last descendant and our land is in chaos, you must defend it before it was lost forever." It is your duty to fulfill your destiny that was written in the ancient prophecy. Find the lost runes and bring back peace in Taborea. 

Ria: I am just a simple girl, born from a simple family and my life is here.

Fiona:  No my child. You are my daughter's child.  Your mother fell in love with your father, a priest in the Guild Castle who uses the element of water to cure wounds, purge magic and return souls to their bodies. He was a follower of "Narfas" the God of Spring Water. 

The supreme ones used the magic of runes to create Guardians but they were able to find the book of myths from the ancient history and a  prophecy was written,  that " a human will be born to help the people of Taborea against the darkness.  She holds the power of the mighty phoenix and the water will pour in her hands."   They were afraid that they encourage the Guardians to kill the humans.  The humans without the power of their ancestors was helpless and the only means for them to survive is to flee from the land.  

Your mother along with our other family died on a battle at an  Abbey in Silverspring.  Your father tried to bring back your mother trying all his magic but he was not able to do so.  He then prayed to "Narfas" to help you both to escape in exchange that before his 50th birthday, he will come back to Taborea to serve Narfas.  He then bring you here in what you called home, giving you a new name "Ria" means "a river" in honored of Narfas.  

He let you live a normal life away from who you are but you have your dreams to remind you of what you were really destined to be.     
I cried and asked her to leave me at once but before she leaves, she handed me a ruby amulet and told me that I will know the significance of it  in time. 

And without any further arguments the beautiful archmage disappeared.  One day, while i was staring at my mirror, a place where I only see in my dream appeared from it and next thing, turmoil was all over the land, wherever I looked, i never see any patch of green and after it, I heard a voice summoning me; 

       "I am Ayvenas, the supreme God, I called upon you my child! Hear my voice!

The key to the door of time
The knowledge to change the destiny
Take it!
Embrace it!
This fate which can never be disobeyed
This moment of infinite power
Human world becomes a burning hell
Or a return to paradise
Just in a moment
Obey now or your life and your love one will be in doom!

I was stunned and  could not move for a while.  I immediately grab a pen and write a letter of goodbye to my family. I entered the mirror and in seconds, I was in Taborea, the place I only see in my dreams. I was greeted by two beautiful young warden and druids and accompanied me to a  magestic guild castle 

As we entered the guild castle. I look around, searching for Fiona but the druid told me that she was long gone and told me to proceed to the main hall. 

The place were jam packed with all the representatives of different clans, knights, royalties, priests, mages, warriors, rouges, scouts, all ready for the coming battle. I don't know what to do, I felt I did not belong here but a young man whom later on, introduce himself as Miguel smiled and greeted me. 

I told him that I don't belong here. I am just a simple human with no powers. He answered politely, " You will have your powers , in time. Just be patient, just like in the world you grew up, progress doesn't come in a snap. True fighter never quit, and aspire, because those who have goals and are willing to work for it can achieve it.  You must be proud to be the descendant of Fiona. 

I felt relief, atleast I know that someone knew who I was and afterwards a High Priest talked in a loud voice. 

High Priest: 

   We are all gathered here, in front of the great Oracle, our place once a beautiful haven and now our peace was threatened by the evil demons and his entourage. It is in your hand that our future lies. You must write our History. Defeat the enemies and bring victory. 

The priest then walked towards me and greeted me. 

Welcome to my Temple young warrior. There is much knowledge and power that I can bestow upon one such as you. I foresee greatness in your future but you must remember, The Road of the Warrior is filled with many difficult choices which will define the course of your development. It is important that you understand the ways of the world and guard yourself from false temptation."

Then, the four great warriors were called to move forward for the cleansing and divination ceremony. 

I was also called to move forward. My whole body was shaking and my thoughts were lingering, I did not hear what the High Priest was saying, the truth, I could not understand his words, it must be the ancient language.

After the ceremony a lady in waiting approached me and accompanied me in a room. I look back to thank Miguel but he was no where in sight. 

She help me put my armor and I wear the ruby amulet Fiona had given me.  Although I felt I am totally naked, there is a burning sensation in my hands and out of no where a fire suddenly appeared in my right hand. I was shocked at first but I regained my composure and was able to control the fire and poured water from it coming from my left hand.

Then the spirit of Fiona appeared in front of me and thank me for heeding her call.  She bid farewell and assured me that she will always be with me in spirit. 

I went back on the Main Hall but the room was already empty. I walked the long aisle and in the main door,  Miguel was already waiting, wearing a shining armor and a big shield. 

Miguel: You are ready. We must begin at once, there is no time to waste.  We will go at the Battle Arena for your first training.

The training was hard but in the end of the day, I was able to gained honors and I was awarded an Angels wings that may come handy during a battle.  I was also given a ruby bracelet to help me summons any mounts I chose. 

The next day, Along with the four warriors and Miguel, we set our sails to Silverspring.  Although, I hate the idea of going there, the curiosity grows over me and the hunger to search answers about my real identity. 

Here at Silverspring, i had my first battle and my first sweet victory.  I was able to manage my powers well and I am learning to use them properly. 

This is only the beginning of my Life in Taborea, the World of Runes of Magic. I must prepare my self for the more difficult battles, to protect my beloved land and to fulfilled the destiny that was written in the Book of Prophecy. To bring peace to Taborea and to the world where my beloved family lives. 

Tonight, as I lay down to sleep, I dream of my daughter and were happy that she was in my arms again.....  I said, tomorrow, i must begin my new quest...... 

Runes of Magic (RoM) is a free massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by the Taiwanese developer Runewaker Entertainment and adapted for the English and German speaking market by German company Frogster Interactive. After going through an open beta phase, the game was launched on 19 March, 2009 and Chapter II - The Elven Prophecy was launched on 15 September, 2009. The next chapter, Chapter III - The Elder Kingdoms, will be available starting May 2010. The game client is free to download, and no monthly subscription fee is required because the service is funded by real money transactions (RMT) in the Runes of Magic Item Shop.

                                                                                Runes of Magic - Wikipedia

The end *is* here: Runes Of Magic is here in the Philippines, and has been in Open Beta since January 8. With the ability to play one of eight exciting character classes, a robust and costumizable game system, as well as a vibrant in-game community, Runes Of Magic is the next level of MMORPG. Set in the fantastic land of Taborea, you will fight monsters, work with fellow heroes, and earn valuable treasure. This world is beyond even your wildest imaginations… or is it?

 Do you want to know more about it or you would like to experience a journey of a lifetime.  You can visit Runes of Magic, Philippines to learn more. Register to claim your free items.  Validate your cellphone number to claim it. 

"This is my official entry for Nuffnang - Life in Taborea: the World of Runes of Magic Contest. 

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    Elaine Lau (CELESTIAL WOC )

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