Men and their problem

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yesterday, on one of our discussions with my fellow officemate the subject of masculinity and the recent reproductive health bill was tackled. It is really very natural to men to be lewd. It was really funny to know that sometimes they will have their erections even many times in a day.  Well, I believe that there is no wrong about it as long as your only having sex with your partner.   Then our topic was switched on erectile problems and I believe that many men were also suffering from it.  When masculinity and erection will be the subject of any conversation, i believe men will often disregard or even would not want to touch the idea of it. But I salute all the men who are very vocal about their problem. 

It was a little bit sad to say that even on their early age erectile dysfunction haunts them but the only good thing about it, are the solutions that you can undertake to address and cure the problem.   I believe that if one is very open with the idea of it, you can find ways to solve the problems right away.  So, out of curiosity, i asked them what are the reasons one will suffer erection problems and on the top of their answer were health problems and medications.  

That is when I have learned that if you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and you are already taking your maintenance for it, erectile dysfunction will likely to occur.  That is where medication for your erectile problems take place, one of my office-mate mentioned about it  He said that it can treat erection problems without having thinking of any side effects. In my opinion, every problem has its own solution, one should only have an open mind and have the initiative to solve it. 


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