My site must be hacked!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I am about to begin a new post and guess what, this image appears in front of my face.  

This was supposed to be my signature and if you will remember, my name was the one appearing here but then all of a sudden, Yes, just now, this picture appear from nowhere. 

Is my site been hacked?  I really have no idea.  Do you know this guy? So, who ever are you trying to open my site, please you have no business here.  This site is a personal site of mine and I alone have the right to post or change or whatever I wanted to do with this site unless i gave you my permission to do so.

I really have no idea whose playing jokes at me but I really don't like it. You might think I am being harsh, Ooh yes, I am a friendly person and treasured friendship very well but then I am not a saint, I easily get irritated when something like this happens. 

So, please do yourself a favor. Why not create your own site to play with!

P.S.  My dear friends, have you encountered a thing like this one! Can you give me some tips so I can safeguard my site from possible attacks of hackers like this one?


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  1. OMG, sis sorry I don't know what to say bout it.

  2. sis, i dont know what's goin on exactly to your site, but try to often change your password..

  3. makatakot man an may online stalker ka.


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