Reasons you should get an E-Organizer from Organize your Life

Sunday, March 21, 2010

There are lots of reasons that you should have an  E- Organizer from Organize Your Life 
the main reason will be Yes, it will be a great help for you to Organizer your current life situation right now.  

Benefits you would receive: 

Upon signing in their newsletter, you will be receiving daily tips on how you can organize your life. These tips can help you become a better person.  Here are the e-mails i received from them;

Day 2. Be Realistic - Break it down & have a realistic time line
Day 3.Diet and sleep patterns - Look at your diet & sleep patterns
Day 4. Get it done the first time -
Day 5  Stop double-handling - physically & mentally
Day 6.  List-maker myth
Day 7. Clutterbust with a partner  
Day 8. Matching Boxes Helps
Day 9. Start with Just a Drawer...Then More Small Steps
Day 10.Use it or Let it GO!

All these tips are a must to read. 

 Organize your life E- Organizer comes in a four sections , Self  and Home Organizer Info, Family and Money Organizer Info. These areas are one of the most important factors in our life that we need to deal with and Organize your Life E-Organizer will help you to achieve your goals. 

As a part of my review, Ms. Claire McFee give me  this Mini Personal Organizer and Calendar.  I can attest to you that you would love this organizer because it can help you in many ways.  There are many contents on this organizer but let me just share my favorites;

Can you see the confidential data page?  Yes, if you were a blogger like me or you maintain many e-mail accounts , logins and passwords for different sites. This page can help you keep all that passwords and datas and one thing, it's really easy to use and you can eliminate all those notebooks that you are previously using and the cool thing is, you can easily print it if you wanted to.

I know that you are making list every time you will go to the grocery. It's really very important for us moms to have a list when making our rounds to the grocery store, because it can eliminate excessive and impulsive purchases and we can avoid forgetting something. With this Shopping List, you can just print it and check the items you are going to buy. You can print many copies, for you to use in your future shopping. 

How about the calendars? As a working mom, I really keep a diary with a calendar on it to put all our important events so as not to forget them. With Organize your Life Calendar, you can put all that important events as easy as one, two, three. 
Now, you will be asking me, what if someone open my computer and see my personal/confidential details?  That's one thing that got into my mind, what if my husband open it without my knowledge and my answer will be, oh, it's just like your diary, you don't want someone to read it, correct? So, if there are some confidential datas that you are going to put into, then you must atleast guard it with your life (LOL) no, just kidding, i think the best way to do that is to save it on a folder and put a password on it.  (That's if you don't like to share with anyone, but then it's better to share it with your family, because they can benefit on this as well).

So, what are you waiting for?   You are given the chance to Organize Your Life, are you going to let the chance pass by? 

Joining is very easy, what would you lose, nothing!!! 
What will you gain???? Great rewards of happy, fulfilling, Organize life.  

To learn about this give away, CLICK HERE!   

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