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Monday, March 15, 2010

When I was pregnant with our daughter, I have to take  three months sick leave from office because of my previous miscarriages. I really know that i have to sacrifice  a lot of things and it will greatly affect our financial stability. But, I have to do it otherwise I would be risking myself into another loss.
Last year, I was also diagnosed with gall bladder stones and was recommended for a surgery but till now, I was not able to raise that amount for it. Another problem arises when my three months leave was deducted from my salary and it was really difficult to manage your finance when you have nothing to manage. It was unexpected, so I have to make several loans and credits and until now, Hubby and I are finding ways to support our needs considering that most of my monthly salary was spent for my medication. I believe that only a credit repair services could help me in my present situation.

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