Fun Time at Manila, Part II

Thursday, April 29, 2010

So, it's Day 2 at Manila.  I spent the night at Mommy Maren's place, she's a fellow stagemom, a facebook friend and frequent chat mate.  Actually it's almost morning when we decided to sleep already because we still have to get up early for our EB with other moms too. 

I get a chance to meet her in person (at last after almost a year of knowing each other via internet) and to share with her wonderful time.  His son, "jorel" was so adorable and so "kulit" too just like my peachy. LoL.  I woke up early, yes, even hubby was laughing and could not believe when i called him to greet good morning barely 5:30 in the morning. Well it must be of excitement, i am really excited to meet other moms whom i have known from the internet for years, this is a great chance or rather a very rare chance to meet them in person considering that we really live thousand miles apart.     

We first drop by at Starbucks to take a light morning breakfast, considering that we will still go to Krispy kreme for the agreed meeting. I've got a chance to taste again my fave coffee shop after two years , two long years of longing and if you can still remember, I have always wished to have a Starbucks planner but until now, there's no luck.  Maybe someone with a good heart would give me their extra's.  please!!!!!

    I would not let the chance to try the Chocolate Glazed doughnut and it was really delicious and i so love the texture of it.  I want this for my daily breakfast and I think , I would not be tired of eating it everyday. LOl. After a while, we decided to proceed at Greenhils already thinking that the moms we intend to meet was already there. 

Unexpected things happened and we were left alone waiting for an hour, LOL and the most sad thing of all is we have not brought Mommy Maren's laptop so we can browse the net to pass time.  Although , i have my cellphone, we could not even get the pass key of Krispy Kreme because we have not ordered anything.  LOL. (good thing, we were not told to go out, LOl) Yes, you get it right, nothing happens with the meet ups.  Well, it is too sad but still i know that other moms were really busy and it was really short notice. Maybe some other time perhaps.  LOL.  Hopefully, i can have a chance to meet some blogger friends too. 

So, after a while, we already decided to went inside the Greenhills Mall, so we can find some things to buy and this is what i bought for Peachy, a hello kitty bag and a watch, the other things i have bought it from Robinson's Manila. 

I would really love to stay longer so we can still have a long bonding but I  have already committed to go to Mantrade to pick up's Peachy's gift pack from Mom's and Kids. Although, the time is really short for us, i felt that i have known Mommy Maren for a long time.  Thank you Mommy Maren for the warm welcome and i really like the Sinigang. LOL.  it's really nice meeting you and the whole family as well as your lovely niece and nephew.   

(Well, Van, i really could not promise to sent a farmville gift everyday. LOL. )

With lovely Erica

On my way to pick up Peachy's gift packs, it must be the worst day of my vacation because I did not know that from LRT Cubao station to the MRT station , i would have to walk a long way passing two malls and streets.  I would not mind walking but the big problem is the heavy bag in my shoulder,  i really don't know what comes to my head and i have brought along with me these heavy things.  Sometimes, it was really difficult if you would practice being a girl scout.  I almost cried and kept on blaming myself and asking if the gift packs were really worth it for the pain that it causes me. 

i have a swollen hands and arms because of my heavy bag and the worst the handle of my bag gave in and i have to hold it in my hands for a long period of time. 

Luckily, i was able to manage to go to the place wherein i would get Peachy's toothpaste gift pack.  The staff were really accommodating and they even let me get our gift packs from a year ago appearance for the Look Alike portion of Mom's and Kids.  So, we were able to get four baby toothpaste and four adult toothpastes.  

When Peachy saw this toothpaste, she really jumps in joy , telling me, "tutpate, baby yan!, thank you mommy, thank you. I lav you!"  Well, what do you think, is the pain really worth it? Seeing how happy she was made me forget the hardship i have went through just to get those toothpaste. 

If you think my day was already finished.  No, you got it all wrong, after going home to take another quick bath and to change my dress, i proceeded to 8th Avenue, Global City, or best known as "The Fort" to attend Adobo@Night Film Festival at the Cue Roving Studio  to watch the Best Indie Films of 2009.  I was lucky to have an invites coming from Ms. Janette Toral and the film is really worth watching.    You can read my review about the event here

  The Boho at 8th Avenue was really an amazing place and it showcase interesting bazaar and i got to witness  this on the spot painting. 

and this interesting alternative for cola's ( i have promised to make a separate blog about this product)

It's almost 12:00 midnight but the place was still jam packed with people and I have seen children too.  I have found this tempting  yogurt ice cream and could not help myself not to taste it and it was really delicious. 

I do hope that you enjoy reading my very long post.  Watch out for the part III.  Lol.  Thanks again for dropping by. 


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  1. that was fun.. yeah, tiring but i think you really enjoyed the tight schedule of visiting the metro.. nice gift pack huh.. galing mo nama sis.. pano mo nakukuha ang mga freebies na yan? hihi. muah to your peachy :)

  2. Sans Flou is also my daughter's toothpaste because it is non-flouride and very safe for babies.


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