Manila, i am coming back to manila!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Take me back to the place I love

I remember when were kids
Having bar-b-ques in the bukid
When the brownouts came 
We were never alone
We just played in the streets 
Til the lights came on

Six o'clock in the mornin'
Bakery just opened
You can smell the bread 
They was cooking from a mile away
Ain't nothing like a fresh piece 
To start your day in

Manila (Manila, Manila)
I'm comin' back to Manila
The only place that I call home (home)
I'm comin' back to


Signal to the jeepney (pick me up)
Take me to the place where (I grew up)
Back to the kids in the park 
Where we played all day
Some had a shed for a home 
But it was all okay

'Cause in Manila, we all the same
Everybody's waiting for things to change
In the barrio, that's how it is
We didn't care much 'cause we were kids, oh


Manila (Manila, Manila)
I'm comin' back to Manila
The only place that I call home (home)

I've been gone for a minute 
But I'm on the next flight
And the plane man says 
We can make it by night
Can't wait to touch down 
In my old hometown
Had a girl, we used to kick 
It but I doubt 
She's still around, yo

It's all good 
'Cause I'm back in the jungle
Where the girls in bikinis 
All come in a bundle
And pain and poverty is everywhere
But when the smoke all clears 
There's only love in the air

I've been gone too long
I'm coming home

Gone too long
I'm comin' home 
(Comin' back to the place I love)
Gone too long
I'm comin' home 
(Comin' back to the place I love)
I'm comin' back to Manila

Do you remember that song? Well, i love this song so much, it makes me remember the place I once called home, the place were i grew up and the place were memories of childhood and teen age years still lingers in my memories.  It maybe a bittersweet memories but still it's really a thrill when you get a chance to come home and visit some old friends, neighbors or even seeing the person you have hated so much. 
Last Thursday i was able to go to Manila for a short visit, you could not call it a vacation because my schedule were very hectic.  I arrived at Manila barely after the wee hours , still lacking some sleep I have to go to some place for a business purpose. I decided to take my lunch at Kenny Rogers, (hubby and i have many fond memories in this place and i even called him to inform him that i am eating our favorite meal , lol, a sort of making "inggit") 

After taking my lunch, i hurriedly went to Lepanto Building, Makati to  personally claim my winnings of 15 pieces of  KFC pasta bowl GC.

 On my way to Buendia, I saw a KFC outlet and immediately redeem the five pasta bowl as a "pasalubong" for my siblings. 

Just as you were thinking, they were so happy to see the pasta bowl and it was consumed in no time.  LOL.  I have to hurriedly take another bath because the temperature is really hot and i feel so sweat and so sticky from all the dust outside. 

After a refreshing bath, i hurriedly go on my way to my aunt's place at  St. Joseph Parish, Anonas, project 2, too sad our time to chat is really very limited because i have already promised a mommy friend that i will be staying the night at her place.  

Arriving at Mommy Maren's place was my last stop for the day.  Atlast after several years of knowing her online, we were able to meet each other and got to enjoy a beautiful night of chatting, viewing facebook and eating a midnight snacks. LOL.


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