One fine Easter Day

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Last Sunday, we celebrate Easter day attending mass in the morning and watched Clash of the Titans on 3D on the afternoon. 

Before the mass end a group of impaired children performed for the crowd.  They aim to encourage many people to support and understand their causes. I was really touched by them although I could not give any big monetary support for them, i offered a deep prayer.

After the mass, we proceed at SM to satisfy our Baby's request to play on her favorite rides. 

Just seeing how happy she was made my day complete.  (here learning on her own)

After we take our lunch. We leave Peachy at home because it is not yet time for her to join us on the movie house. I believe that many will agree that Clash of the Titans were among the many movies of 2010 must watch because of its beautiful fighting scenes and cinematography.  Although I find Sam Worthington acting on Avatar more favorable,  I still love how he manage to give his best to portray the character of Perseus - a demi god from the Greek Mythology.  

Just as I have posted on my previous posts, ever since I was a child, i do love mythology, royalties, fairies and all about magic.  That is why, I would definitely give a rating of 10/10. Although I have one comment and this could really matter a lot for your thought. I would not recommend watching it on 3D because it is not that  worth it. Yes, the movie is really good with its beautiful story and great scenes but I believe that it was not really meant to be shown in 3D. I felt I was only watching an ordinary digital movie although more nearer.  What I envision was something that would move me on my seat and would make me realize that I was involved on it/ or I was inside of the movie but I did not get that feeling. 

But then we were able to get two raffle tickets (i always love giveaways/promos) it excites me.LOL. I am crossing my fingers and wishing that I could be the lucky winner of a brand new ACER laptop, It would really be a big help for my office work considering my current laptop was really an old model and so (grabe, hay, over bagal) slow LOL. 

The day was really a good day for us, a day to reflect and rejoice because of the promises of our Good Lord and be thankful for all the blessings he kept on showering us. 


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