Something yellow to brighten up my week

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's monday once more. I was not able to blog for days and i really missed all of you.  After a very tiring but fulfilling week end vacation (can i call it a vacation?)   I don't want to missed today's Mellow Monday and yes to brighten my week, I am wearing something yellow.  (Although, i still look very tired and my pimples were adding up)

I also made some time to clean my drawers and yes, i have discovered that there are many yellow things on it.  (Could you pin point and count the yellow ones? )

 ( I have a yellow pencil, batteries, eraser, ball pen, scissor, dark yellow pencil case, a yellow tea, sharpener, coins, rosary that i personally made, a yellow stapler remover.

 You would say that i am a yellow addict, well it was just natural, yellow is my favorite color, that is why many of my friends and colleagues often teased me that i am  a loyalist of our late president Cory Aquino.  Well, yes, i do admire her and of course she's a fellow Kulasa and I should be proud that we belong in the same community. (Benedictine community)  but pardon me i am not a loyalist. It happens that i find yellow as well as green very acttractive.  Till next time .

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  1. sis you are so tidy :D hehe.. oh yeah about the hosting I won no news from sponsor? well I think nevermind as I dont know how to use it also. lol

    oh ya I have new blog, want x link?

  2. oh so yellow.. love the look of your drawer :)


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