Ways to a healthy summer

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Summer is a lot of fun,  no classes for kids, a vacation time for the whole family  and a lot of fun in the sun doing outdoor activities like biking, jogging, swimming and going picnic on a nearby park.

Summer is also a great time to make those most awaited vacation , national or even international vacation. Most of us also love to go to the beach or in a nearby swimming pool.
But yet summer is a time of year that we also have a greater chance to get sick, so you must take extra care of your health. Aside from eating the right foods (fruits and vegetables)
we must also drink more than 8 glasses of water a  day to avoid dehydration and of course to beat the heat of El Niño.

One of common virus of summer is parainfluenza virus 3, this virus can cause croup, bronchiolitis, pneumonia or just a cold. Make sure to clean your body everyday, taking a bath and wash your hands thoroughly.

Food poisoning or food borne illnesses is also a high risk this summer because bacteria can multiply faster and foods can easily lose their freshness. Be extra careful when dining out.  (make sure you eat on a place that offers fresh and clean foods)

Heat rash and sunburns  are also a common problems of children and adult a like, make sure not to stay on the sun between 10 A.M to 3: P.M. (the sun is much hotter at this period and can even cause skin cancer and many irritations to your skin)

If you cannot avoid the sun, make sure to use protection (lotion with Spf) especially for your little ones because their skin is still very gentle.

Use sunglasses with UV protection to protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays.

If your preparing for an international  trip or vacations, be sure to plan ahead and consult your doctor before making that trip. Get a vaccine or immunization and other health precautions.  If you have a health problems, carry with you a letter from your doctor regarding your sickness, conditions, medications.  Make sure you bring along with you a sufficient amount of your medicines because you might not find it everywhere.
If you can bring with you a first aide kit such as pain relievers, antibacterial ointments, anti diarrhea ,  insect bites or burn ointment then much better.

If you have asthma, limit your time outdoors and don't forget your inhaler.  I always carry along with me my medicine (because I really could not tell the next attack)

Wear appropriate and comfortable shoes.  Yes, flip flops are in (if your walking in the beach) but a good rubber shoes is much comfty for walking and for trekking.

Take a rest too, Don't push yourself to the limits.  Summer is a great time to rest, read a book or enjoy your day with your family at home, watching DVD's.

Enjoy your Summer Days


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