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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Owning a car takes a lot of maintenance and with this means you need a suitable amount of money allocated just for your car. When our car suddenly broke down, we need to put them on the repair shop to have it examined.   Now, we wanted our car to look beautiful and so hubby  decided to put extra car accessories on it. A rain guard was installed on both sides.  I also bought some head pillow for more comfort and now he was thinking of getting a new and bigger tires for our car.  He wanted a tires that look like a truck that is why i am kidding him that what he needs is a truck accessories and not a car accessories.  

A big tires really frightened me, i feel that I am on top of everyone and it makes me reminisce some bad things but just what he says, our car was really intended for bigger wheels considering that it was a 4x4.  But bigger wheels is much more expensive than the usual one, so it means you need to choose wisely, make sure that what your getting is only the best.  We are going to the nearest car accessories in our place to canvass for it. 

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  1. Sis, I did not make it talaga sa mother's day promo mo .. grabe yung summer sked namin kaloka! thanks for the invite ... happy moms day!


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