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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer will end soon and we will be experiencing heavy rain again.  We need to prepare our home for the rainy days.  This coming Saturday we plan to have our roofs checked by our carpenter and  I also told hubby to buy a rain or shine paint for our walls.  While we were on the hardware store, i have seen this beautiful rug and was impressed with its design and i remember the one that i have just seen in Rug couture site i visited days ago.  It was a beautiful morrocan rug and the color is just perfect for our living room because it will complement our new paint. The good thing about this site too is the idea of designing your own rug. Although, i am not that good in designing and seriously my taste of color is not that really good though, so i will let hubby do the picking and designing. 

I have been wanting to have a rug for a long time but hubby is very adamant about it.  He said that it was just a luxury and there are still many important things to buy but recently he was very willing to allow my whims.  So, i believe that i will get my rug very soon.  It would be a great help to our little baby too considering that she likes to sit on our floor barefooted.    

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