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Saturday, May 29, 2010


Bloguardian Hellsite: Overcashed
is back! Time to reunite with M3o. Let us all spread the word!
Come, join the welcome party! It's raining champagne and

When i first seen this blog post from a fellow blogger friend, i get excited.  If you can still remember, i am the grand prize winner of her blogging contest and since then Liz became a dear blogger friend.  Although we were not able to talk that much, I am so grateful to her and she knows why. Could you imagine this lady manage to own twelve (12) blogs.  LOL, I only have a few and it was quite a handful, so having another more is really a challenging tasks and even with Liz busy schedules she was able to manage them all. 

And now, she needs our help to give her advice in a very interesting matter concerning her blog that she loved for eight years, yes, eight long years and a PR4 google rank.  Let us all help lightened her mind and answer this question and by giving your best shot, you can also win prizes too. 

Now that BHO is back, should I migrate it to Wordpress while it is up? Why or why not? This means I have to change domain as well, what will I do with BHO's PR4?

It's really a tough decision sis and I can feel your sentiments.  Although you can retain and migrate your old posts but you will get to leave your google ranking and having a PR 4 is really a tough job to achieve but with your talent, perseverance and dedication, I am very positive that you can get that in no time. We will be here to support you with your new quest and yes I agree that wordpress is really easy to use because of its easy to find and use plugins.  When I first heard of transferring from blogger to wordpress, i was really adamant to try it because i find it too difficult to understand but with the help of other bloggers too, I was able to get along with it and yes, I totally love it now although I must say that I am still having a hard time uploading with my ftp and if you can see this blog is still in Blogger, some of my blogger friends already suggested that i transferred this blog to wordpress and they are very much willing to help me do that but for some sentimental reason, I am still hosting it in blogger. 

So, whatever decision you will arrive at always remember that we will be there for you to help you along the way and even though it's really hard to say goodbye with your old blog, just think that you will be doing this because it can give you more ease and can bring you more success. 

Do follow her other blogs:

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Photobucketsigny

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  1. Hi sis,di na po umabot sa top 10.

    But don’t worry, this post will gain you 1 more entry for the granddraw. A total of 14 entries. Thanks!

  2. gusto ko na din sumali dito ah? kasi ang daming blogs nabasa ko sa contest o give away na ito


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