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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aside from reading books, writing is my next passion. When i was still studying, i do love to write different articles ranging from different issues. I also maintain a diary on which i write my daily musing, experience and the people i hate and love. Sometimes it was my outlet to remove myself from this world. Although i love to write, i could not consider my writing that good. I believe that i still lack some components and prowess as a writer. I have gained this desire from the influence of my grand mother and father, my father is a frustrated writer and a poet too and he really writes a lot and recently i was thinking where i should Submit Articles that he have done. 

My grand mother was a great writer on her own rights, she had won numerous award on writing and have published a poetry booklet and i really admire her skills but i am really too far behind on their talent. I only write what it's my thought, i may be lacking some correct grammar or the right use of punctuations but i believe that it's also an important fact that you must be writing coming from your heart because on that way, you can deliver your thoughts to your reader on a way that can be understood. 

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