Hon. Renato Corona - our new chief justice of Supreme Court

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday i was able to watch from the news that our new 23rd Chief Justice has already taken his oath from the Malacanang palace.  Hon. Renato Corona's appointment were already hound great controversies and many questions about its legalities had arises.  Many opinions were given about his appointments considering the fact that he was also appointed by Pres. Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo way back on 2002. 

Who is CJ Renato Corona? Of course many of us wanted to know and learn more facts about him. Even though i am working in the Judiciary, i barely know our justices so i have to consult Mr. Wikipedia and Supreme Court's online page for the basic facts about CJ Corona.  So, here are the facts that i have gathered:

Chief Justice Renato Corona was the youngest magistrates ever appointed to the Supreme Court of the Philippines on April 9, 2002.  He was born on October 15, 1948 at Tanauan City, Batangas, he was married to the former Cristina Roco and has three grown up children and six grand-children when the article was written. 

He has an impressive school records gaining gold medals on his elementary and high-school years at the Ateneo de Manila wherein he also finished his degree in Bachelor of Arts.  He took up his law at the same school and graduated on 1974. He married right after college but was able to manage studying law at night but despite the demands of work and family  he still finished 5th in his class and gained the 25th highest place in the bar examination on that same year.  He received his Master of Law at the prestigious Harvard Law School in 1982. 

He served as Assistant Executive Secretary of then President Fidel Ramos and held many different positions and presidential committees after the term of Pres. Ramos, he was invited by President Arroyo to be his spokesman and Chief of Staff.  

His appointment may be full of controversies and adversity but we must also remember that it is not the act of his appointment is being judge but the character of the person and his perseverance and he has proven his worth.   I believe that it is time that we disregard our self interest but we must stand side by side to achieve the common good for every Filipino people.   

To our new Chief Justice, we welcome you sir and we hope and pray that the Almighty Lord gives you more wisdom, a loving heart and a great courage to face any adversities that may come in your way. 

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