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Sunday, May 16, 2010

My little darling is too young to write a letter or even say Happy Mother's Day but having her around really meant so much for me and mother's day will not be completed without her. 

I did not grow up with my mother. We were separated when i was just three months old and my grand mother raise me up until she passed away in my early teens, till then i  have to live on my own considering my father has already abandon his will to live or to work for me because of his separation with my step mother.  I really can't say i have a mother but i guess i am still lucky because the Good Lord still gives me people who cared for me and treat me as their own daughter/sister. I have my other grandmother that's the god mother of my father who helped me through my darkest hour, financially, emotionally and spiritually and even though she never got a chance to have her own daughter, she treated me as her own family and i will always be forever grateful to her.  Even though she's gone and in heaven, i know she is always there by my side giving me advise, loving me and taking care of me. I will never forget her and I will always love her.

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  1. You are blessed to have so many who stepped in to be your mother figures. But you're more blessed because you do not dwell on what you lacked, but are able to focus on what you have. Good for you!

  2. Hi, you know, it may sound like a cliche if I say God moves in mysterious ways, but you know that it's true. There is always a reason for everything, probably it is to appreciate the value of our womanhood and our role as a mother, comforter and counselor to our kids.

    Belated happy mother's day!

  3. God took care of you.. showered you his blessings! thanks for sharing your story with us!


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