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Monday, May 24, 2010

Last Thursday, while I am about to have my duty at work, my vision became blurred and i was not able to see for a while. It was three years ago when I have this feeling and it was really very unexpected and heart pounding moment.  I have to talk to my office mate to relieve for me and we hurriedly went to an ophthalmologist to know the real problem.  The Doctor says that there is no other problem regarding my eyes, it might be that i am experiencing head aches and my vision was affected when I put my contact lenses, he advised me to take a rest and that's what I have done for the whole morning and afternoon. 

I really can't take the pain, so I decided to take a medicine and luckily I was able to get a good sleep afterwards.    When hubby arrived after five o'clock, we went to Naga Optical to buy a new eye glasses.   I opted to wear eye glasses for a while and will jut resume wearing my lenses after two or three weeks perhaps.  The doctor told me that there is nothing wrong with my lenses but still I have made up my mind to wear eyeglasses for the meantime. 

(pictures taken from google)

I also grabbed the opportunity to cut my hair short.  It was really not in my plan to have a hair cut, it was very sudden and I just realized that i no longer like my long hair.  Did you like it?  Many of my friends told me that I look younger that my age or maybe they were just kidding me . Lol.

Well, it was very timely because i also decided to take a pose for the Lancome Manila contest showing my favorite Lancome product. Do I look like suffering from a terrible headache. Oooh, you might be saying that I am not because of my smile, hubby was really laughing when he sees me with my pose trying to hide the pain to show my best look and of course to bring home those beautiful set of Lancome Products. 

(Nothing can give me the best flawless coverage than my Lancome Dual Finish Versatile powder makeup. It can make an ordinary day extra ordinary. I can wear it all day, from work till an evening of fun with friends. A product you must surely have in your makeup kit. )

Do you have your own Lancome Story, share them and get  a chance to win this fabulous prizes. 
Contest is only open until  May 26, so better hurry!

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