Sauna Experience

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Have you tried a sauna bath?  The first time, i have heard about it makes me curious. I really have no idea about it before and to tell you honestly, i have never seen what it looks like. So, when a nearby beauty center in our place offered a service for half a price, I immediately grab the opportunity to try the service.  When i was given by the attendant a piece of towel, i was too shy to ask what i shall do with it and she smile gracefully saying that i should remove all my clothings. It was kind of embarrassing but what would you expect me to say, well it's my first time.  

I seated there inside the sauna room and my body begins to sweat, a perspiration i have never felt in my entire life but it was relaxing and very calming. I felt that all my body toxins were remove. I felt that my body was gone into a detoxification process and i felt relieve from all the stresses i have gone through the day. I have recently learned that there is also a new infrared sauna  and that it can help burn extra calories. I can't wait to try that one too.  Have you tried this one, maybe you can share with me your own experience about it. 

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