A Terrible head ache

Friday, May 21, 2010

Yesterday, i was not able to blog or make it online because of this terrible head ache.  I just arrive at the office and placed my contact lenses when suddenly i felt everything went blurred and i could not see clearly anymore.  It's been three years since i have this first feeling and my office mate advised me to see an ophthalmologist right away.  Yes it was my eyes that causing this head ache.  Good thing the ophthalmologist ruled out any eye problems but my head still aches so much that i have to lie and sleep the whole day.  

When hubby arrived from his work, we decided to go to a nearby eye center to buy a new eyeglasses, yes, i decided to switch back to eyeglasses again for a while and let my eye rest for a while too. Although, i badly need a rest, i really can't take off my hands to this key board and atleast share to you this terrible head ache, just knowing your there ease my pain a little.  
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