Three Cheers and many Thanks blog contest by Yapatoots

Friday, May 21, 2010

Have you visit her blog lately? Well if you haven't you better be!  Ria or popularly called yapatoots is celebrating her first blog anniversary and guess what, she's giving a special treat to all her readers. 

What you need to do? 

1.Write a blog entry about what you are grateful for this past year. It can be anything at all — from new gadgets, to life changing experiences…whatever it is you are thankful for. Be sure to include the following in your post.  (REQUIRED. 10 points for complete and valid entries)

  • one link either to this contest page or to my home page. Anchor text: yapatoots or Teacher Ria

  • a complete link list of sponsors as listed below:

  • Subscribe to my blog via email. Be sure to verify your subscription! (REQUIRED. 3 points for valid and verified subscriptions)

  • 3. Add me to your blogroll (Optional. 3 points)
    4. Like my Facebook Page (Optional. 2 points)

    5. Follow me on Twitter. (Optional. 2 points)
    6. Fill up the entry form here so your entry counts!
    For additional entries:
    1. Promote this contest via FB, Twitter or Plurk. 1 promo per site per day is allowed. (1 point per promo)
    2. Follow YummyPinay MommyMommy Rubz,  NomNomClub and other sponsors on FB and/or Twitter (1 pt each) UPDATE: Google Connect will also be accepted :-)
    3. Add my other blogs on your blogroll! (3 pts. per blog added to your blogroll)

    4. Comment on any of my posts in this blog. Have fun with the archives :-) (1 point per non-spam comment :-) I reserve the right to moderate comments if necessary. You can comment up to three times a day!)
    5. Fill up the bonus entry form here so I can add up your points!

  • Now, what's store for you?

    Since the contest is entitled THREE CHEERS AND MANY THANKS there are 3 ways to win!
    • First is to come up with the BEST blog entry. This is the GRAND PRIZE :-)
      • Criteria is as follows: 50% relevance to the theme and 50% creativity.
      • The Grand Prize winner will receive the following:
        • $30 USD via Paypal
        • INFO domain plus hosting for one year
        • 1  Pinoy Blogger Shirt from Lakwatsero
        • 1 Yummy Book
        • Sponsorship Link for 6 months
        • running ads link for 1 year
        • 2 125×125 banner ad for a month
    • Second is to join the contest by fulfilling all requirements. 3 winners will be randomly selected from all the entries to win the following:
      • First Place
        • $15
        • 1,500 EC credits
        • A dress from the Fab Recessionista
        • 1 YummyBook
        • Sponsorship Link for 6 months
        • running ads link for 1 year
        • 1 month ad space
      • Second Place
        • $10
        • 1,000 EC credits
        • Starbucks Cap from
        • 1 Yummy Book
        • Sponsorship Link 6 months
        • 1 month ad space
      • Third Place
        • $5 via Pay Pal
        • 1,500 Ec credits
        • Starbucks Cap from
        • 1 Yummy Book
        • Sponsorship Link for 6 months
        • ad space for 1 month
    • And the third way to win is to beat them all by being the Top Commentator, the Highest Scorer or the Early Bird!
      • The Early Bird Prize goes to the first officially verified and completed entry (Based on the main contest requirements)
        • $5 via Pay Pal
        • Pinoy Blogger Shirt
        • Starbucks ID Lace
        • 2 ad spaces for 1 month
      • Top Commentator
        • $5 via Pay Pal
        • 1 Starbucks China Demitasse Cup
        • 1 Pinoy Blogger Shirt
        • 1 Yummy Book
        • Sponsorship Link 6 months
        • I year running ads at the blog site
        • 2 ad spaces for 1 month
      • High Score!
        • $5 via Pay Pal
        • 1 Pawnacea “Walk in the Park” Kit: a pot of Paw Balm and a bottle of Grooming Spray :)
        • 1 Globe Tattoo USB stick
        • 1 Starbucks ID lace from
        • 1 Dress from the Fab Recessionista
        • 1 GC  60 minute superskin or cosmeceutical facial from VX Facials
        • 2 ad spaces
        • AND MY FAVORITE PRIZE: A Starbucks Tumbler! :-)

    • If you think that is all, 
      • As an added bonus, several gift certificates for various restaurants, products and services are and gift items also up for grabs in the bonus raffle! The more entry points you have, the more chances you have of winning!!!

    Hurry Join now!

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