Wanted, bookkeeper!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do you own a small business? If then, In a business you needed an accountant to run the document and tax details of your company but we all know that we need to pay much higher retainers fee with an accountant, then that's the time that we get a bookkeeper  as a substitute to handle our taxes affairs.  I believe that it is much affordable to retain a bookkeeper.  I have heard that through the internet you can find a reliable company that offers e-bookkeeping services for small business.  it's a company that can give all your accounting needs.  

There were a time in my life that it comes to my mind to study bookkeeping because it can greatly help me extra income but the thought of seeing numbers makes my head go wild.  As much as i wanted to learn it but my head really can't absorb many numbers in a day. 

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  1. nakatapos ako ng BSaccountancy, but di ako nkapasa sa CPA board exam.. now that I own a small business, i rely on other people to keep my records.. ahaha


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