Who loves coffee beans?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Are you a coffee addict? There are different kinds of coffee and the most known kind of it is Arabica Beans.  Well have you ever wondered the process of making this precious coffee of yours?  Well, i have been a coffee lover since i have learn to write my name and as years go by, i have tried many variants of coffee  and its' different flavors  and my favorite one is "americano" and cafe latte but I still have a few knowledge how this coffee was made.  I know that it comes from fresh coffee beans and this coffee seed were process but i have a very limited idea on how to do it.  There comes a time in my life that i have wanted to see the actual process on how this coffee beans were made. 
Have you ever thought about this too? In my curiosity, i tried to look for answers in the net and found out that my favorite coffee comes from a roasted coffee beans from a coffee plant. It is actually seeds of a coffee plant but the commonly used name for it is coffee beans.  So, if it is a seed or a beans, isn't it great that we could  go to a place where I can see and hold a  real coffee plant and harvest my own coffee beans. 

It would really be nice to see for ourselves how this coffee beans were harvested and to know the different range of premium coffees. This may sound very impossible because I still don't know a place where I can find coffees but it's free to dream and maybe someday i might able to go to a place where coffees are very abundant and i could pack my own coffee and for sure i will be sending you all.  I have also dream of having a coffee named after me, it's a very silly thing but i really wanted a coffee named after me, so whenever you drink your favorite coffee you would always remember me. 

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  1. oh sis I like very much, even doc say cant take so much as if want preg.. but I still want drink .


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