Will Willie Revillame Resign or ABS-CBN will oust him?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Will Wilie Revillame resign? 

This was the big question everyone is talking about this days.  After the sensational May 4 statement Willie Revillame made on his noontime show Wowowee that he would eventually quit his job if the management of ABS-CBN would not fire Jobert Sucaldito, also an entertainment columnist showbiz commentator and one of the segment host of the "The Buzz" which was also aired in ABS-CBN.  

As of this date, Willie is still maintaining his side on not coming to the show or what is it really his pride? 

There are many people who are now asking him to resign, on the Facebook Fan Page, " let Willie Revillame Resign on ABS-CBN, there are 172, 760 fans to date who are showing their thoughts and airing their voices that he should really resign, while on the other fan page , Oust Revillame a total of 95,052 fans were in favor to oust him from the show. 

I am not playing safe or what but what I think Willie gets too far on this one.  There are many incidents that happens showing his not so good attitude and sometimes it's really irritating especially come to think of it, he is hosting a noon time show and  (let's face the fact that he was one of the noontime icon of Filipino television) ,he was well loved by many filipino (masses) people and he should be decent enought and mindful of the things he should be talking and saying too. 

We are not indicting him but atleast he must be man enough to face his mistakes and be brave to face any consequences for the wrong acts he had done and to everybody, atleast we must give him the benefit of the doubt and give him some respect as a human being who sometimes commits mistakes. 

I believe that Willie has many things to do to prove that he was sorry and to regain the trust of many people and do some retribution.

So, are you in favor to Oust Willie? 


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  1. oh yes sis... Aside from being so proud of himself - bordering to being an airhead, I think he's sexist...

  2. i rarely watch wowowee but i was able to see the episode where he gave a threat to the management of resigning so gave me quite a shock. But really i agree of him being kicked out of the show, i mean the show is very much better off without him and his antics.


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