15th President and Vice President Proclaimed today

Thursday, June 10, 2010

It was another momentous event for all the Filipino people as we write another page in the history of our nation.  Today, the 15th President and Vice President elect were proclaimed in front of thousand attendees at the Batasang Pambansa and millions watching at the comfort of their home, office and place all around the country. 

The joint session of the Senate and the House of Representative begin at past 2:00 this afternoon.  We are at the office at that time and most of my office-mates were all eyes to be updated on the proclamation.  After a series of privileged speeches coming from different representatives of the senate and congressman, the much awaited proclamation were done.  Vice President Elect Jejomar Binay was the first to be called at the bench together with his family. President elect Benigno Simeon Conguanco Aquino III was next  to go up along side with his family.  

It's not a year ago when our late Pres. Corazon Aquino died and on unexpected turn of events were held when our now then President Noynoy Aquino step over and declared his intention on running for presidency because of the call of many Filipino people or just as many had said, to seized the opportunity of the great emotion of the Filipino people for the loss of his mother.   Even if it was a career or a party move, this intention create a massive impact to the Filipino people and a great hope for a better future. 

  It was also great to know that Filipino people were moving on for a better change because we were able to catch up with the new technology of today.  Our first automated election was not totally a success.  Many controversies happened in the recent election, fraud, deceits but until now nothing was clear whether there were really anomalies and frauds yet I am so proud because i can see a far better attitude to my fellow citizens and that is the ability to accept changes. 

   Many us know that Senator Mar Roxas was a crowd favorite and although he was from a well-off family, he was an instant click to the Filipino masses and it was not a secret to many that he wishes to serve our country as our Commanding Chief (President) but still time and events did not permits him to do so.  We can all see the flaming desire on his heart to serve but just as they say, we really cannot tell what's in store for us.  

Mayor Jejomar Binay of Makati, our now Vice President was another story, he was a man of whom we called rags to fame.  With his determination and with the help of his relatives he was able to finish his studies and become a successful human rights lawyer. His achievements are very impressive and his dedication to his constituents in Makati were also very good in nature. 

We might not known them personally but because we wanted change, the Filipino people voted for them to achieve the long lost cry, the real democracy and a hope for a better future.  A future that was not for us but for our children and our grand children.  As this day end and the proclamation was done, we all longed for a great tomorrow. It might be very idealistic but there is always a prayer in our hearts that maybe the day will come that our Mother Nation will be free from any hypocrites and corrupted officials.  May the past mistakes be left behind and a new strong government will come forward to redeem  our  dying government. 

My sincerest congratulations to our new President and Vice President, may you rule us with your heart and not just with your head any may conscience be with you always as you make your journey in serving the people. 

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life. Photobucket

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  1. wow, well done sis, kamusta na? Haven't heard from the sponsors na. Hope they will just be reminded kahit na medyo matagal na.

  2. sis, thanks for dropping by... crazy ako lately din sa offline sched ko kaya... minsan lang ako blog hop.


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