GT- What's inside my bag?

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So, what's in my bag?  For GT's sake I would reveal them to you.  As you know, I am a huge fan of big bags.  I felt that if my bag is small, my things would never fit on them and whenever my bag  is very light, I felt that something is missing or lacking in my bag. That's why I prefer to use big bags and compartments is a must. 

Let us now revealed them and list them one by one;

My Bag- a Christmas gift from hubby
My Vanity kit - i already unravel the contents of it last time
LV coin purse - gift from my officemate  
Barbie pouch - where i put medicines for emergency and daily needs
Cellphone - I have used to take this picture but the brown pouch was in here
Godiva Lotion
Neutrogena fine fairness face powder
Avon 360 degrees day cream
Gucci Envy Me perfume
Company Id's
Contact lens
Hair clip
USB Flash drive
Vicks  - i could not last a day without using them. (My katinko is in my office drawer)

Maybe your thinking how this things could fit in my bag?

Voila. There they are. 
Join us 

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  1. Haha, same with me Ateh I am also a fanatic of bags...suksok lng ng suksok...tamad magbitbit

  2. I like big bags too. They are good for shopping.

    Hi sis! Pls visit Pink MagaLine and join my giveway. Thanks.


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