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Thursday, July 01, 2010

GT has a new place and it's more exciting and you would not want to miss a day.  So, for this week theme, physically

So, it means that i need to brag about my self. Ooops, what's that? I don't have a sexy body or a beautiful skin or a beautiful face  but I believe I have a beautiful eyes and lips and that is something I am proud of. 

Although, i could not avoid those eye bags in my eyes, many still says that my eyes is my best asset. Just like my grandmother always told me, "our eyes are the windows of our soul" and agree with her. 

Next is my lips.  I take pride of my big pouting lips.  Hmm, they always seems to pout whenever i disapprove something and i could direct them from left to right when i was irritated and yes because I am a lipstick addict.  I feel sexy when i am wearing my favorite lipsticks.  With my different shade of lipsticks i can be sweet, bold, regal, flirt, angry and lovely.

(My lips with different shades of lipstick) 
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(This picture is just taken yesterday before watching Eclipse
Ooh, yes, my lips pout again with matching raise of my eyebrows)

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  1. wow ganda lips. lurve it! ganda din eyes! yihiiee!

  2. I say everything about you physically is attractive - face, skin, and body =)

    my first time on your pretty blog!

    my first time on GT as well. hope you can visit my entry here

  3. beautiful you...

  4. Like your eyes sis, beautiful:)

  5. OMG you watched eclipse??? huhuhu. i will not be able to watch as i have no one to accompany me. oi sis ang ganda kaya ng face mo. pang-artista kaya. hihi. totoo un no.*hugs*

  6. TRUE :) you really have beautiful eyes and lips :)

  7. total opposite of my lips. niahaha! My lips are pouting even if I don't tell them to. hahaha!

  8. wow, pang REvlon... heheheh ako pouting yung lips ko.. noun hiya ako kasi ang kapal daw, ngayon care ko... angelina jolie yata to.. hahahah! My GT Entry is here

  9. so pretty :D

    check mine

  10. wow u got nice eyes and lips...

  11. ayy.. trulalu sis... love your eyes.. ahahah
    ganda din ng lips... I think you also have a beautiful hair...
    shiny sya sa picture eh... hahaha..

  12. Wow, parang lipstick ad yung lips part! :D Eyes and lips can really be a lady's asset.

    Here's me:

  13. you're undeniably beautiful..and your eyes are indeed your asset..=)

  14. i would go for your lips! :D

  15. Pretty face ka naman pala Ateh eh akala ko hindi mo ipost ang buo mo picture...hehehe..Masuwerte ka parin kc wala kang eyes na gaya ko parang jupiter planet na my encircling black..eye bug na forever

    My award pala ako sau Ateh Blog with Substance

  16. oh i love that Lea Salonga lips at yang mesmerizing eyes na are a sexy mommy your shoot...

    my GT is up pala sis

  17. Wow those lip photos could be used as photos for a cosmetic catalogue, so sexy! And yay for Eclipse :) I just got back from the cinema. Did you like the movie? xoxo~

  18. dear, you are blessed to have beautiful face too.and correct, very nice smile and eyes. :)

  19. Akala ko kasali ka sa Eclipse cast! Mala-artistahin mukha mo sis! Liked your pose, eyes, lips and being you!

    BTW, I'm gonna be adding your link to my list today. Grabbed your badge also :)

  20. your eyes and your lips could capture any man's heart.

  21. aww!!! you're a model sis! you're a complete package! grabe! your eyes and lips are just PERFECT! love it!!!

  22. not just the eyes and the lips sis, you got a beautiful smile and teeth too :)

    happy weekend
    u may view mine here

  23. Hey, you really have beautiful eyes! and who said you don't have a beautiful face? of course you do!


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