My Birthday Wishlist!

Sunday, July 04, 2010

By next year, I would be celebrating my big 3.  Ooh, yes and would you imagine that. I still have many dreams and wishes to fulfill.  I am happy with my work but yet I still wanted to study so I can be somebody someday.  

When I was a little bit small, my dreams are that big but when I am starting to grow older, my wishes became more lighter. Could you consider this wishlist simple? Ahh, I think i bet you would raise your eyebrows but hey It's my own wishlist.  LOL.  Because I am turning 30, i have 30 wishes to fulfill but they are so many that it would be so long. So, i am posting half of it..  Though it may not all come true but still I am crossing my fingers that atleast half of it would come into a reality.  

If your generous enough, you can also help me fulfill that wishes.  (You can leave some comments in my post and it would be counted as a vote for me to win on Bloggityboop Birthday Contest) or you can click this Facebook Link and (click the like button with a comment) too.  And in advance, i would love to give you a big kiss and hug for being such a sweety. 

1. A Pink Birthday Cake for my 30th Birthday.

2. A green Ipod (which I am dying to have)
3.  A good health, away from my sickness. 
4.  A happy and good health for our darling Peachy. 

5.  Away from flab, hello Fab! 
6.  Hope my husband's wish do come true.  

7.  A Levi's pants. ( It's so expensive , i haven't owned one.) 

8.   Travel, travel with my family.

      (Hongkong Disneyland)
(Hongkong Ocean Park)

9.   I so love to take pictures and i am looking forward on learning it.  So, i also wanted to have this Nikon D300. 

10.  A new baby.  (We are so excited on a new addition to our family)

11.  A study table for our darling Peachy.

12.  A LV Bag. ( my dream bag)

13. Victoria Secret -  Dream Angel Wish Perfume (ooh, my favorite) I so love this perfume. 
14.  An Oakley sunglasses for hubby.  

15. A new dining table. 

That's the half of it and i am so excited on my next birthday.  A new year, a new chapter in my life. 

This is my official entry to Ellen's Birthday Contest: 


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  1. new baby? thats good so she have bro or sis to play :D

  2. ang cute naman ng cake na yan sis.. pede siguro yan ipasadya.. hihi.. mag-30 ka na den pala.. kasing-edaran pala kita.. hihi..

  3. Hope your wishes will come true ;)

  4. wow pareho tayo gusto rin ng addition to the family... hehehe!

  5. Hi sis hope all your wisheswill come true, dami yata sa nasa list. Wow you still young mommy 30? layo pa sa life age hehe

  6. ang cute ng cake sis... and the LV bag so fab..

    will pray for ur coming baby boy soon :)

  7. Sis pare pareho tayo ng wishlist! hope matupad ito lahat... hehehe

  8. oo nga sana nga, Crossing my fingers too.

  9. happy birthday , May your WISHES come TRUE

  10. happy birthday sis..may ur wishes come true.. hope to see u again you..

  11. nice sis.happy bday!hope all your wishes will come true.

  12. happy birthday sis..congrats and more blessings to come..god bless you always


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