My Super One and Only

Saturday, July 31, 2010

There are things in our life that we don't expect to happen but it does.  Like what had happened to me and my Super One, we have known each other not by chance but destiny brought us together. I have known him at the time I don't know what to do and my whole life is in vain.  

Our Love is not an accident but a love that grows everyday that we have shared, there maybe times that we had a little misunderstanding that lead us to lose our patience but after a while, we tend to forgive and understand each other again and our love for each other makes our bind more stronger.  He is my Super One, he was there to see my sorrows, pains, joy and happiness.  

He was there with a word of advice, encouragement, a helping hand and a loving heart.  He have given me the best things I have never imagined and more than what I have hope for. He offers me friendship and just like a mirror, he helps me see what I really am and what I am capable of doing. I know that even if i search the whole Globe, i could not find someone who will love me just as much as he have given me.

My super one makes me feel whole when I am coming apart and keep my deepest and darkest secret hidden in the deep ocean.  He is someone that tell white lies about how beautiful I was even my stomach is bulging and my under eyes is black as a coal. Each day with him is a gift from God and the love we shared was such a blessing.  

There maybe times that were not around for each other, to give a hand or make the day happy but even though were apart, it's only one text away or one call away from each other. Our love keep us growing and glowing and the light on it never fades. Our destiny is yet unknown to us but knowing and feeling that he will always be there by my side gives me strength to keep on going. 

Through the years we have spent together, each day is memorable, because it is not like that I have felt more love from him but because of the gift that God has given to us.  I thank the Good Lord for giving him to me to love and cherish and above all for giving us our much awaited and prayed for baby, our little darling Peachy, for us to love and nurture for the rest of our lives.  


That's why I am so happy and thankful to have my Super One, my one and only love, my la-lavs.

This post is my Official Entry for Globe- My Super One Blogging Contest.
A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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  1. Awwwwwwwww <3
    I am melting! This is such a sweet entry!
    I am happy for you two to have found each other and wish you all the best for your future ~hugs
    Good luck on winning dearie ;)


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