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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Have you seen and heard the news, last week another boy was kidnapped from their own home by unknown person. His nanny who was taking care of him met a woman and befriended her unknowingly that this girl has a bad intentions over the child she was taking care. Now, it's almost a week and there is still no news about the whereabouts of the child and recently his mom is getting death threats.

It's really very hard to find someone who would take care of your child but as a working mom or dad we have no choice but to leave them to someone we don't know. We must trust them and treat them nicely and paid them well hoping that they will do the same for our children. There are times that after all the good things you have done for them some will still steal from you and will leave without saying goodbye. 

I have heard great stories of a love of a nanny that treats your child as if as her own but there are many incidents too that children were maltreated by them.  There is one way you can know that your child is treated fairly, i have heard families who used hidden camera to check what is happening in their houses. 

This camera can help you know if your children is safe from maltreatment and this is also good because you will know if someone comes to your home without your knowledge. This cameras are small, well hidden but very reliable and you will be secured because you know you are not compromising the security of your children and another good thing they are double purpose. 
 Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life. Photobucketsigny

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