5 New Technologies That Can Help You Live Longer

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

There are many technologies that come into being for many reasons.  Those that aim to help you live longer are especially interesting because they seek out causes of death and illness and attempt to delay or undo their ill effects.  These 5 technologies that can help you live longer almost make you wonder just how long humans can live with the right technological help.


This device can do something truly amazing.  It can filter blood to take the viruses and toxins out of that blood and it can do this before any infection has a chance to damage organs.  The technology has been likened to dialysis but is totally revolutionary.  One of the most remarkable and practical aspects of the device and the entire procedure is that the infectious agents do not have to be identified before this device can be put to work.  The blood can be filtered to help save a patient's life and the identification of the viruses or toxins responsible can take place after the patient has been saved.

Medically Induced Hypothermia

Medically induced hypothermia may not sound like a good thing but for cardiac arrest patients it is.  By lowering the temperature of the blood and the body of patients experiencing cardiac arrest, the survival rates of such patients has dramatically increased.  This is an especially important procedure for those individuals who experience cardiac arrest away from a hospital or other medical care setting. 

PolyHeme And Hemopure

PolyHeme and Hemopure are two blood substitutes that are currently being tested to replace the use of real blood in transfusions.  They can be stored at a variety of temperatures, last longer than blood, and can be given to patients no matter what their blood type.  These blood replacements are created from chemically modified hemoglobin.  While these new technologies have not yet been fully tested and approved, the fact that some version of them will be perfected and put to good use is only a matter of time.

Medication From The Inside

MicroCHIPS, Inc. has crafted a device that can give medication from inside the body.  All it takes to trigger the device to administer a dose is the right wireless signal.  Instead of forgetting to take your most important medications you can just have them administered automatically from inside of you.  This device can hold up to 100 doses and is ideal for those medications that work better when they are not taken orally.  By getting your medications daily and in the most effective way possible, this device could help you live longer.


This substance comes from red wine and helps people to live longer.  Technology created its pill form which will surely be available soon so that everyone can enjoy its benefits.

These 5 new technologies really can help you live longer.  Modern medicine is always coming up with new technologies to help you regain your health and to keep you healthy.  Each new technology makes it easier to not only live longer but live better.

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