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Monday, August 23, 2010

When I started this blog two years ago, i never meant or think that i will be earning from it.  I just wanted to have an outlet or channel of my various thoughts and experiences. It started with a simple post weeks within weeks and then later on I could not last a day not looking at my blog. 

My Journey to Life is my first blog and it was on blogger platform and although many had encouraged me to change it to wordpress but for some sentimental reason, i choose to remain it this way.  

Then, i have met several bloggers who encouraged me to join blogging contest and yes, you bet, Ia certified contest junkie, I find myself joining several blogging contest that eventually lead on winning some of them. 

One day, a friend of mine suggested to me to monetize my blogs. Why not? I could earn some dollars (yes, you bet, we are talking dollars here) just by blogging and posting the things i wanted. It's really easy as one , two, three. Some of my other blogger friends earn as much as Php. 100K a month (could you believe that?) Some of them earns more than they earn from their previous jobs (call center) that's why they chose to just stay at home and focus with their budding career on blogging and come to think of it, you can still focus on being a hands-on mom too. (But that is too far for me, I enjoy my work and I consider blogging as a hobby).

But earning money online is not really that very easy. It takes perseverance, patience and more luck. I am happy that two of my blogs are already earning money online but still there are months of waiting for another opps to come.  Days of frustrations and dismay and still no opps came but honestly I never thought I could make it this far, so look at the brighter side, i am enjoying what i do and in the same time, i am earning additional bucks to at least add to our allowance. 

 (proof of my earnings.  I am not earning that much but where else can I get this amount?)

Now, i already have six domains, 
My Journey to Life - this domain site
Something to Live By , Wonderful World of Peachy - a domain and hosting I won from Mommy Online featuring our little adorable Peachy.   BabiesandContests - a domain i won c/o Mommy Mariz (this is where i put different contest information and the home of Wonderful Babies. 
Journey of a Dreamer - which until now i was not able to set up properly ( this would   be a blog about our travels) and my newest addition Melandria's Musings  which i am planning to be my home blog. 

I am still waiting for another domain with one year free hosting ( which i recently won from Domain Angel's Birthday Contest) this will be the official home of Babies and Contest because i am planning to use the current domain of babiesandcontests for earning online too.  

Now, i am still crossing my fingers and hoping that opps finally came, so I can buy the ipod i have been wanting (for my office work).

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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  1. Ay buti ka pa, you got two blogs earning already, me, I still have one but making 3 more. Self hosting ba to blog mo sis?

  2. This is very interesting. I've had no idea about that...

  3. wow sis ang dami2x mo na palang napanalunan ang earnings online!

  4. sis which hosting you using now?

  5. hi sis.. send your pledge to gracefancubit at yahoo .. thanks... also let your other sites join the contest ha.. invite friends also.thanks.

  6. Yeyy! I thought I'm the only blog addict around here. I also have 6 blogs now. *LOL*

    I love seeing payment and withdrawal proofs from fellow bloggers who are also making money online. Ang galing natin! Hihihi! Good luck and I wish you more money-making opps!

    By the way, sis Ria, I'm hoping for your support / help in winning's blog contest. Please? :)

    As a viral poster, you can also get a chance to win a Nokia 5530, PSP, iPod Touch or Sony Cybershot.

    Here's my entry:
    My definition of Sulitizen

    I would really appreciate it if you could check out the mechanics on my entry.
    To vote for me, all you need to do is post the Sulit badge (the codes are on my post) and a link to my entry on a new blog post.

    Thank you so much! :)

    - Michelle / Mhel aka blankPixels of Just Another Pixel -


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