Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan Regional Elimination - Region V

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When I first learned that there will be another event that will be happening here in Naga City, i immediately made a text message to Ms. Jannete Toral and she mentioned that a blogger is needed to become a judge in  Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan. I am so excited about it and readily agreed.  Ms. Sam of Geisler Maclang ,  (one of the biggest PR company in the country ) contacted me and advised me to coordinate with Ms. Bambi Mercado their coordinator for this Region V project.

I first learned about Palamantasan at Boy Kuripot's blog and i found it really interesting. This project aims to educate elementary students on the benefits of good nutrition.  It's a good feeling to be a part of this great advocate and it brings wonderful memory of my childhood specially my elementary days wherein I used to join different competition like this.   
The event is supposed to start at 8:00 in the morning but was not able to do so because some of the participants are not yet present.  I was greeted by Ms. Bambi the field coordinator for this Regional Elimination event and was also surprised to know that she's from Naga City too.

The Naga City Central School Pavilion I is already jam packed with participants from different schools vying and determined to win the first place after all the winning contestant will be receiving Php. 8,000 and the couch, Php. 3,000 and for the school another Php. 3,000 but not that all,  the chance to represent their school in the Grand Finals that will be held in Manila this coming September.  

Kraft Cheez Whiz Palamantasan has five different contest categories. These are jarchitecture, On the Spot Essay Writing Contest, Sandwich Art Competition, Sabayang Bigkasan and Cheering Competition. 

I was assigned to judge On the Spot Essay Writing Competition Contest.  Could you believe that? I never imagined myself being a judge of a contest like this. I remember the time that i was once a participant and it really gives me goose bumps but just as you are thinking, my heart is really jumping in joy and i can feel the tension in the room wherein the eleven (11) participants from different schools tried their best to answer the question in not more than 200 words in a time pressure of one (1) hour. 

But one hour is more than enough specially if your heart is burning with enthusiasm and drive to win the award. 

All the students are really talented but we really needed to make our choice.  It's really a tough decision specially when you have more than one bet by giving a very wise and good answer in this question, " Why do you think bread fill or "palaman" is more important than junk foods or chichiria?  So, what answer come  up in your mind? Does it make you think about it too? Why not join the conversation and post your answer below. 

And because we are confined in a room, a little miles away from the pavilion, i was not able to see the other presentation such as the sabayang bigkasan, that's why, I have no pictures to show to you too.  (But don't fret and worry, because i am working it out, I will be going to the official photographer and asked/request him to share with me some of the pictures for posting purposes.)

But meanwhile, these are the participants in the jarchitecture:

and presenting the winner from
Naga City Central School I

And I bet, you also want to see the Sandwich Art Competition
 just looking at this beautiful arrangement makes me feel hungry and guess what, it taste so yummy too. 

why go for junkfoods or chichiria, if you can have a snack like this? So delicious and nutritious too.

 What do you think? They look yummy and so irresistible !!!
My stomach is starting to growl!  

 So, i better present you the cheering competition. 

 and presenting the grand winner of the day! 
Iriga Central School winning the Sabayang Bigkasan and Cheering Competition. 

So, where am I?  That's too bad when your the one doing all the picture taking,  you end up not having even a single photo. LOL.  

Lucky me, there's an official photographer which i will hunt down to get a souvenir of the event. 

I went home with a smile in my face and a bag of this great goodies from Kraft Cheez Whiz which my adorable Peachy loves so much!

To learn more about the event, visit or be a fan at Facebook.

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