Naga City Bridal Fair

Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Friday we went to SM Naga City to buy some groceries for our little one and we chanced upon to see this bridal fair.  I always love wedding, it brought smile in my lips every time i looked at a beautiful wedding dress.  Hubby once told me that i can be a great wedding coordinator and he even encourage me to fulfill it if we have enough money to start the business. 
I have always a keen eyes in terms of wedding details.   Although, i believe that there is no such perfect wedding,  even if it is grand or just a small one, what makes the difference is the love both the groom and her bride have for each other.  But then if you have that extra money to spend, then spend it in your own liking, after all  just as they say, it will only happen once in your life (unless if your fate designs you to be married more than once). 
So, enough of the talking and let the pictures speak for itself. 
A beautiful Filipiniana wedding gown from one of Naga's known couture
(price : there's no tag but i bet it cost more than Php. 50K)

(Another beautiful wedding gown - 
price: i really don't know but a friend of mine told me that a dress for an entourage can cost you up to Php. 30K) correct me if i'm wrong.  

Wedding Cakes
from Cake my Day by Shee
(I guarantee you that their cakes are really delicious, i have already ordered three cakes from them, Peachy's baptism, birthday and a gift for a friend. )
A simple wedding cake cost around Php. 5K but if it is 
fondant i believe the small one cost around Php. 7K 
or if you like the big one and you have a budget of
Php. 25K to Php. 70K, why not!!!! 

 flowers can cost you from Php. 15K to Php. 100K 
depends on your budget and the flowers you will choose

Bigg's catering - one of Naga's best catering service 
price : Php. 550.00 head and more

and if you like to ride in style , why not rent this beautiful "karwahe" from Star Mark. 
It would be a long ride but hey, it's your day, everybody will wait for you! LOL.

Are you planning your wedding? Maybe it's time to think about your budget.
Good luck and Best Wishes!

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life. Photobucketsigny

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