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Sunday, August 15, 2010

familiar with rogar estate wine opener? an attractive bottle of wine is an essential part of any wine lover Kit. A great wine begins eliminates the hassle of broken plugs, blocked, so you can quickly remove and clean cork at any time. A Rogar wine openers is the ideal tool. Rogar Sommeliers pitching speed and you can remove a cap in less than a second. Originally developed in the nineteenth century as a reaction to restaurants and bars for a safe start, quick, professional applications demand, the designs are used for Rogar Sommeliers also in force today.

Rogar sommeliers than the top of the first part of 1975 growers in the production of cork-based system Champion in 1897 was recognized. This will open the brass is now a collector's item, but new product lines have grown Rogar continue the tradition of excellence. Rogar Estate and Champion are also based open system of cork removal of Champion. These sommeliers and Pro Series are strikes in different versions and have benefited from new materials and technologies. Latest Opens Rogar are designed to handle the new large bottle top and the standard bottles. for more about estate wine opener, rogar corkscrews, champion wine opener and their estate wine opener and their rogar for sale do visit

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