Ms. Bicolandia 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

 I know this is really a late post but still i want to share with you my short experience.  I called it short because I was not able to finish the event, i somehow started it and was able to see Ms. Venus Raj and the two emcees of that night, Marc Abaya and Carla Abellana.  I was not able to get a better picture of the night because i was in the middle portion and many tall people are on my front that's why some of my pictures were just taken in the big screen in front of us.  It's actually my first time to watch Ms. Bicolandia and i really don't intend to finish it because of my situation, the truth, i just want to watch Carla Abellana in person, i really like her and yes, she's really beautiful. I am really sorry that my post will leave you hanging , although i already have some pictures on my file, i am still very lazy to organize them for the time being but i do promise you that i will post some of the pictures here soon.

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