Top Vacation Spot in Southeast Asia

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Take a short break from being a spectator, watching sporting events, and placing bets at one of the many sportsbooks around. Instead, take a vacation! With many ubiquitous tropical locations, Southeast Asia is the place to go. Most anywhere you travel in Southeast Asia is  a tropical paradise, complete with warm ocean waters and pristine sandy beaches.
The only problem when planning a fabulous getaway to Southeast Asia  is choosing which of the many great places to visit.

Thailand is a personal favorite. In Thailand, locals are generally friendly and speak English. The country's terrain varies immensely, making any trip to the area an adventure for the senses. Whether you prefer to visit a mountain region and take a tour through the forest on the back of an elephant,  or you want to relax on a quiet beach and indulge in ocean-side massages, Thailand is the place for you.

Starting in the northern area, the Thai mountain region of Chiang Mai is approximately 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. There, you'll find beautiful monasteries and luscious greenery. The city is a mecca for handcrafted goods.  If you're looking for handmade jewelry or furniture crafted from solid wood, you'll enjoy the selection. All this is in addition to the aforementioned elephant rides available in this region.

If Chiang Mai seems a bit too remote for you and Bangkok, the capital and city center of Thailand,  seems too busy, you can find solace on one of the Thai islands. For instance, Koh Tao is a premier  destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. Another option is Koh Phi Phi, which boasts a majestic landscape and many fun activities,  such as cliff jumping, to keep you busy. This island is where the movie The Beach is set.

Whether your heart desires a bustling city center, a lush mountainous region,  or a peaceful tropical island, you'll find it all in Thailand!

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