Why Fiction Is Useful

Thursday, September 30, 2010

There are a lot of people out there who talk about their interest in non-fiction books. Whether it's how-to guides on making birdhouses or information on debt consolidation services, non-fiction is certainly packed with relevant and useful information.

The only problem is when people start thinking of non-fiction as the only useful form of writing. Fiction has a great many uses, all of which are very practical, especially in the modern world.

It's a Respite from the "Real World"

Yes, non-fiction is very "useful," but don't you ever get tired of doing things for a specific, practical use?  Don't you ever get to a point where you feel "I just want to do something that isn't productive?"   Fiction breaks you away from the world you're used to, and that's where it gets a lot of its stress relief capacity.

It Expands Creative Thinking

What skills are more useful than adaptability, problem solving and general creativity?
That's right! There aren't any! By putting you in a state of imagination that expands your view of the possible, fiction helps you take unique approaches, "think outside the box," and otherwise bolster your right-brained capabilities.

It Creates a Sense of Language

Good fiction writing is going to provide a lot more writing that's in either a descriptive or dialogue format.  This means that you can get a better sense of how to communicate effectively or provide accurate and interesting descriptions. How many times have you seen phrases like "must have top-notch communication skills" on a job application?

It Explores Your Emotional Spectrum

Non-fiction isn't emotion-based, which is probably good.  If you were trying to figure out how to make an end table and you wound up crying,  it might be counterproductive.
Fiction, however, can be therapeutic in its exploration of your emotions.  It can even help you realize and deal with buried personal issues!

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