Never ending litany

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

 I know you have heard never ending litanies from me on how i miss blogging and how i have been spending the past few weeks of my personal life.  We have moved out to our new home last saturday.  It was very exhausting and we are really drained not just our body but our pocket as well. But the move out is worthy and we are happy spending our days unpacking things.  All is not unpacked yet and there are still lot of things, i can't find. LOL, but no worries because they will be found soon as long as the last box is empty. 

Peachy is adjusting very well and just on our very first day, she had her first major bruises but no worries because luckily the bruises is not that big and she learned her first lesson, "not to run faster and jumping at the same time".  

We have no cable yet , so we decided to buy Peachy's fave cd's so she can watch her favorite show even without cable.  We also decided to have a telephone with internet connection so I can still connect to the net and do my net job because we really need those extra cash to pay our monthly dues and loans and all.  

I do wish i can have more opps in the next month. Still praying and hoping things will be all fine.
A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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