A Gag Show Prank

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

As we are watching a gag show in television, I saw a certain segment that a pranksters is using an aircast shoulder braces in one of their pranks.

That was quite hilarious for me... the pranks is something like this:  the prankster is only acting that he can't use his right arm because it has shoulder braces, then suddenly his phone began ringing.  His phone is strapped in his belt, left back side of the belt.  The prank is he'll look for someone (victim) who can reach the ringing phone because his free hand can't reached it.  So when the victim reaches the phone at the back, the prankster's free hand would loosen the belt and his pants will go down revealing a woman's underwear that he's wearing!

The prankster is a guy and he's wearing a woman's underwear???  Of course, the victim can't stop laughing... and ME too!  Hahaha!

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