I hate DSL sometimes

Thursday, January 27, 2011

When you have a job online, of course you wanted your internet connection to be fast , although i don't mean super fast because I have not heard any broadband connection who really does that.  Maybe they claim they were fast but the truth and the fact is that they were not.  A fellow friend also feels this way and yes, she was almost cursing those broadband connection because of their slow services and come to think of it, were paying for what we supposedly know as a fast connection. 

Yesterday, my patience was tested when my connection becomes super slow............ up to the point I need to wait for more than 15 minutes just to finish those buffering from the video i need to view. And time is important especially if your online jobs was based on the speed of your work and how you can manage to finish the tasks given to you and if you have a very slow connection, how on earth can you manage to do that?  Imagine the hours of waiting, that's why i decided to contact the customer service to ask what's really the problem.  They made this usual dah, dah, dah, and this and that and then she told me that she will reset my connection through their program and after a few seconds the connection changes from slow to a more faster pace. Would you imagine that situation, we as customers need to call them always when we felt that their services are not working well.  That's very inappropriate I think.  

But anyhow, just to share you some information, if you wanted to know the speed of your net, just go to this site Speedtest.net, this is a site/tool wherein you can test the speed of your internet connection.  

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  1. same here! my internet connection gets so slow sometimes I wanted to throw my laptop, lol!


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