Monday, February 21, 2011

I have a nice conversation with hubby this afternoon.  We were brainstorming and thinking what projects we would do.  He mentioned some ideas that he also want to learn about blogging because his so curious how i earn from it.  Actually, i'm not really earning much unlike some of the bloggers i used to know here but it helps me us in some way.  He wanted to begin blogging but he really don't know what he will write.  I told him the different niches he can do and i told him that i can teach him how to start his own blog.  He was not really into writing stuff that's why, he was really finding it hard how to begin.  

As much as I wanted to encourage him to begin blogging, just finding the right stuff to write makes me think , we will really be having a problem. He had many interest although those interests are not really what i saw in some blogs.  LOL.  He told me, maybe i can write ammos and guns or maybe about pets.  LOL.  That was good but i told him that one cannot be monetized.  

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  1. sana sis in time we can earn like those bloggers in PMB noh....I remember ruby and Iris Acosta when they are still new to blogging mga 2 years na ako nuon,...dati talagang newbies sila, padalaw dalaw sa aking blog...but look at them now...sipag at tyaga talaga samahan ng matinding reserach, oras at dedication at belief na may pera sa online...

  2. Hey there! I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger Award. :) Come visit my post about it on my blog.

  3. samantalahin mo sis na interested are lucky na aware sya sa ating mundo ng blogging.

    relative to hos topic of interest ammos and guns...malamang ang monetization nyan sa adsense and infolinks...niche blogs kasi

  4. hahha. my beau feels the same way when he knew i'm starting to earn na through blogging! blogging rocks!

  5. that's so nice, it's good that your husband shows interest with what you do. My husband sometimes is just like that, he became interested when I told him that there are ways to earn thru blogging and now he's becoming nosy, like it's getting into my nerves you know hahaha! he asks lots of question but I was patient, patient enough to explain and let him understand =)


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