A surprise gift from hubby- curious? then read about it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well, it was a very common thing with hubby, he always get excited and he will give his gift right away without minding if the celebration will still be a week after.  Yes, i have not received any thing from my lists about the "5 things your wife wants to receive this Valentines" but i have received a very special and thoughtful gift more than what i have expected.  Curious about it, well, i know what your thinking.  

You know that days from now we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary and my birthday will be coming very soon too (so, better stay tune for my birthday giveaway) and for that reason, hubby had given me a gift i was not expecting to receive.

(here it is)

  Yes, a new office chair for me.  It was delivered to our office last friday.  It was very unexpected and  I don't want to receive it at first because i thought it was just a mistake and the chair was really intended for hubby.  But, when the delivery boy handed me the delivery receipt, i saw my husband's handwriting and it was the only time i believe that it was really for me.  I was really shocked and my office mates are already teasing me because my chair is like the chair of our judge. (LOL) 
i love my new chair
But hubby had his reasons and he knows how much i sacrifice from having back aches and i could not sleep well during nap time (siesta) because of heart burn and most of the times i had leg cramps. The chair was really comfortable and i was able to sleep during siesta with less cramps and heartburn of course and yes, i'm getting used to having my new office chair because i can swivel back and forth.  

enjoying my new chair (ooh, look how i have gained weight) 
I did not received flowers or chocolates but hubby's gift is more than everything i have imagined and i am so grateful of his thoughts and caring ways.  Ooh, my shirts are getting all wet again because of my tears.(LOL)   Happy Valentines to all! 

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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  1. Congratulation, the chair looks comfortable!

  2. An unusual gift indeed! Yet it is definitely priceless..


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