Winner in Me

Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm not the Big Winner but when i have heard my named called by Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online, i felt like i belong with the world series winners and I could helped myself to ask , "I'm i really lucky?"   Well, if you would ask me, until now, there was no DA or direct advertiser who replied on my e-mails, it's either they don't like my blog or they don't like me at all. (sigh) But who knows, they might as well preparing one big surprise for me. 

I'm inspired when i wrote my entry about the things i am grateful with.  If you have not read my post,  you can view them on my baby's website, Prosperity's Desire.   Now, hubby and I are having a hard time thinking and choosing what domain name we would submit to Mommy Rubz and to be added on my growing domains.  Hopefully, my online earnings would be doubled too as we badly needed it at this point of time. 

If your feeling lucky too.  Do join my Birthday and Blogging Contest and win $60 for the first prize, $30 for the 2nd and $20 for the third and a new domain and hosting for the lucky winners.  It's so easy to join!

(win paypal money)
Beauty Giveaway (facebook)
(win beauty products)
Answer my Mommy Survey:

Once again, thank you so much Mommy Rubz for the Wonderful Thanksgiving Contest. 

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  1. congratulations on winning, sis, i wasn't as lucky..hopefully i'll win in your giveaway..joined both + finished your survey too:)


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