5 things i want to do after my baby is born!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Carrying a child for nine months is not a joke, it has ups and down and there were times that your on your dull moments.  There are lots of things i wanted to do but could not do because you need to take precautions and of course you need to be physically fit and healthy while your conceiving.  It's been a while since i wanted to run, ooh, I don't know but i just want to do it, my last run is when i'm still in college and I miss doing it. Maybe just to put my feet into working mode and a way of exercising too. 

I wanted to drink coffee but could not done so because it's harmful for the baby and I really missed drinking starbucks coffee, the last time i drink one of their coffee is when i visited Manila and I went to Star bucks with one of my online mommy friend. 

I wanted to change the color of my hair, ooh, I just wanted them to be different. A whim, no , i just wanted too and it's final! LOL.

I miss cooking, i just can't do it now because i'm really having trouble standing at a very long time and my feet easily gets tired.

and most of all, i missed embracing hubby because i felt that there is a barrier between us! LOL.  

but of course, i'm too excited on seeing my adorable angel.  I'm praying and hoping that everything goes fine and smoothly and will be in perfect health.   

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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