Bonding time with my babies

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One of the most beautiful thing that will happen to woman is to become a motherTiring and complicated but the happiness is truly incomprehensible. I remember the Q&A when I joined Ms. Commerce on our school, " They say that the true essence of a woman is to become a mother, what if she could not be a mother does that mean that she has no essence at all?" I answered that the true essence of being a woman is not just having a child but also being a good wife to her husband, a good daughter to her parent, and an active advocate for her society and to do the will of God. 

For six years, i have thought that I could not be a mother anymore.  There are times that I lose hope and even blame myself, that's why when Peachy came into my life, everything changes, I found the true meaning of myself and the true essence of being a woman.  Now, i can call myself a mother and being a mother takes a lot of perseverance, sleepless nights, wrinkles on your face, (LOL) and of course you need to learn the art of patience  and temper for your over annoying (kulit) little one.  

But it was all worth it and now that we have Baby Ritz, i feel my family is complete,  (of course we need money) and i always pray everyday that my family will be safe and healthy, away from any harm and sickness. 

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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