Baptismal preparations

Monday, May 02, 2011

After all the expenses of giving birth, your next agenda on your list is to have your baby baptized.  Baptismal today needs some preparations and it started with finding the right invitation and tarpaulin with a full color printing for that special first day event of your baby. 

We are planning a very simple baptismal for Baby Ritz and a small gathering will be up next with just our closest friends around.  I have some ideas on what to give as a giveaway to my dear friends who will be coming but it will still be according to our budget considering that we need to prioritize some other things too. 

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  1. good luck with the baptismal plans. :D We just had our baby Ziggy's baptism last Sunday. So hectic to plan but so worth it. I'm sure yours will be too!


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