Freedom of Speech

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have heard it so many times, we are living in a free democratic country and we have the right to say whatever we wanted to but then there is always a limitation on everything.  Yes, as we have the right to do say what we think is right but then there is always what you called courtesy .  

Here are some thoughts that we must need to consider though:

  • Try to be kind.  
If you are kind you will not want to offend others and even you know that it was true, you must also keep in mind that it is not always right to say it when you will eventually offend someone. 

  • Say what must be said.

Giving offensive thoughts and words are not unavoidable, there is a saying that truth hurts and when you say it to someone he might think that it is offensive.
  • Speaking truth is more important than worry about how it will be received.
There are times that when you try to be a hero in your own way, you get others offended but did you know that there are many people who portrays to be offended because they just want to manipulate you.  If you fear of offending someone then you must be hindering your own freedom of expression.  Having different opinions are very normal and because we are living in a democratic and free society, one must respect the difference of each opinions but what should not be tolerated is the misrepresentations of fact which leads as a treat to our freedom. These things must be exposed and ignorance must be corrected and those who deceived people must be punished and condemned. 

We should open our eyes to reality.  There are people who claim they were sending out the truth but in reality they are just using us for their own purposes. 

A Mother's thoughts is the most precious of all. Join me as I Journey to Life.

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